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FDBKPro Features

  • Global Talent Dashboards offering an overview of the platform usage to HR leaders
  • Rich ML/AI Analytics offering Behavioural Skill level, in-depth analytical reports on all users within the company
  • Free 16 Personality Factor (16PF) Assessments to help users identify their potential, suitability and areas that needs development
  • A ready list of very specific attributes, behaviours and functional expertise areas to seek feedback on - including Leadership, Communications, Collaboration and Influencing Others, Problem Solving, Technical Depth, Breadth of Knowledge & Expertise, and Self-Management
  • Highly private
  • Trusted network of mentors
  • Ongoing support
  • Easy to use - device agnostic (runs on web, mobile or tablet)
  • Rich database of questions to ask mentors and coaching tips
  • Easy sharing of feedback - on user's choice

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